The Geography of Bliss

coverThe Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World (2008)

Eric Weiner

Having made it to the New York Times staff, only to be fired because he was found “naive AND unsophisticated”, Eric Weiner took revenge gracefully: he wrote a New York Times bestseller.


Exploring state-of-the art happiness research (and making quite a bit of fun of it along the way), he travels to 10 countries to investigate what makes people happy (The Netherlands-Happiness is a number/Switzerland. Happiness is boredom/Bhutan-Happiness is a policy/Qatar- Happiness is winning a lottery ticket/Iceland-Happiness is failure/Moldova-Happiness is somewhere else/Thailand-Happiness is not thinking/Great Britain-Happiness is a work in progress/India-Happiness is a contradiction/America-Happiness is home) .

Is happiness having lots and lots of money? Culture? Religion? Inter Course?

Weiner’s observations are impactful and his writing, downright funny. I bet he is happy now.

Are you happy? Perhaps you would be, if you lived in Thailand.



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